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About de Mello Design

Founded in 1986 by Eider de Mello,  de Mello Design is a San Diego based landscaping company specializing in beautifully crafted landscape designs, artificial rock restoration, and  relaxing waterfalls to luxurious backyards. If you have a landscaping idea de Mello Design can make it happen!

Meet the Man Behind de Mello Design

Eider de Mello
Eider de MelloFounder of de Mello Design
Eider de Mello, founder of de Mello Designs, was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in 1961. At the age of 5, Eider and his family relocated to the United States where he was immersed in American culture and the English language, though he still spoke Portuguese at home with his family. Eider was always thankful that his parents brought him to the states, which allowed him to pursue his passion for art, design, and helping others. With a passion for both learning and teaching, in 1974, Eider de Mello moved to Chula Vista, California where he began to learn Spanish. In 1982, Eider met a man that would change his life, Charles Faust. By 1989, Eider was working on his biggest project to date, the remodel of the San Diego Gorilla Exhibit and the Scripps Aviary, also located at the San Diego Zoo. While working with the zoo, Eider learned about waterfalls, artificial rock work, animals, and people. He worked closely with the zookeepers to not only design a beautiful exhibit, but an exhibit that would fit the needs of the specific animals. After working with the San Diego Zoo, Eider found himself working with other companies and built his own business. Throughout his life, he has always carried a passion for the overall concept of design and turning a design into a something more. Recently, Eider was able to work with several Camp Run A Mutt locations including Chula Vista, Sorrento Valley, Point Loma and Kearney Mesa in remodeling their dog splash ponds (see bottom of page for links). Eider has been in many Sand Castle competitions, Sunkist hired his team and to create a Sesame St. Themed sand castle for a fruit and vegetable conference at the San Diego Convention Center. Currently, Eider works in San Diego County with a variety of clients doing artificial rock restoration, drought resistant landscaping, installation of waterfalls, and more. Contact Eider de Mello of de Mello Designs today to transform your yard into a work of art.