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Take Advantage of This Great Offer!

DeMello Design is pleased to offer you a yard transformation special that is only for a limited number customers. Only 10 of these packages will be offered at the very low price of $1950.00
OR 3.99 PER SQ FT.

What is included in this package:

  • Creating a landscaping design for your yard.
  • Covering existing yard area with weed barrier to prevent/minimize future growth of weeds/grass.
  • 4 cubic yards of premium wood chip mulch to cover 500 sq ft of yard area.
  • 50 drought tolerant and succulent plants. (1 plant every 5 sq ft)
  • These 50 plants are to include-
  • 10 tall grasses @16.00
  • 15 1 gal plants @ 8.00
  • 25 4” plants @ 4.00
  • Other materials can be substituted or combined at an additional cost to achieve a desired design effect. For example we can add a Decomposed granite (DG) or flagstone walkway, or you may want a strip of river rock to accent your yard space. Again we can add or create any desired design, but it may cost a bit more.

All of these plants will mature and grow larger and lusher over time.

A drip irrigation system to water each one of your 50 plants individually, and that can each be adjusted to the exact water requirement of each plant.
This system can be adapted to your existing working irrigation system or to any hose bib you have in your front yard.

This is to include 1 pressure regulator.

  • 200’ of ½” drip line.
  • 100’ of ¼” drip line.
  • 50 adjustable drip emitters with stakes.
    (note: over time as the plant matures and the roots grow deeper into the ground, the water needs will decrease on all the plants and could be eliminated altogether on some.)

And of course all of the hard work from our very talented and friendly crew.

Approximate time of project from start to finish? 2 days.

What is not included: any removal or disposal of existing shrubs, trees etc.
If this is needed it will be billed at an hourly cost of $25.00 plus disposal fees.