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Please read the following testimonials about de Mello Design’s great work, we have been in the landscape business for over 20 years and our customers love us!

I have used Eider and his crew for two projects at my home and am extremely satisfied with both landscape features.

As a homeowner, dealing with contractors/tradesmen is frequently frustrating. Often, pricing is purposefully ambiguous and open communication is not something commonly experienced.

This has not been my experience with Eider DeMello. Please allow me to share my experience with Eider DeMello as a testament to his integrity, work ethic and design ability.

For our first project, Eider created a pond design and put into writing an exact description of the work he would do and, most importantly, exactly what the cost of the project would be.

The pond project was finished on time and was completed for the exact amount quoted. In addition, Eider returned three times to re-seal the pond and ensure that it was not leaking and functioning properly.

Our second project was the creation of four artificial boulders in the front yard. Again, communication with Eider is very simple and clear- pricing was agreed on and the work was completed on time (in a single day!). Eider worked with our limited budget; he had no problem with me creating the shape and layout of the boulders and he encouraged me to stack our old, dead lawn and broken brick to create the boulder’s mass. My sweat equity saved time and money as I was able to have the boulders ready for Eider’s crew to wrap in chicken wire and cover in cement.

Eider and his crew sculpted the lumps of cement into boulders and amazingly transformed the front yard into a boulder-strewn field. Eider’s ability to use paint and trowel to create artificial rocks borders on magic. I was skeptical at first, I thought the boulders would look very fake and artificial. This is not the case at all. In fact, friends (and strangers passing by) often ask how we were able to transport and bury such massive boulders.

Eider’s artificial rock features are the base of the plant scheme that I devised and completed after Eider’s crew was finished with their work. The boulders form the foundation for a desert landscape featuring plants that I chose for their hardiness and low water needs. The decomposed gravel pathways that I installed in the front yard work perfectly with Eider’s work. Eider had no problem with letting me complete the rest of the garden on my own. Again, Mr. DeMello is very accommodating and understands that not every budget allows for a homeowner to be totally hands-off.

I am completely satisfied with both projects. I cannot stress enough how easy it is to work with Eider. Open communication is refreshing, you know exactly what you’re going to be getting, exactly the cost of the project and you are told exactly when it will be completed.

My front yard project is both a money saver (the plants have such low water needs that, amazingly, they actually do better if they are not watered) and a point of personal pride. It’s beautiful. I definitely have Eider DeMello to thank for the creating the artificial boulders and would not hesitate to recommend him for any project you may have.

John Ashley
We had Eider and his team come and repair our pool. The original construction (not done by de Mello Design) was leaking and causing issues to the overall construction of the pool. Eider came by and offered a quote. We were very pleased that he and his team arrived on time, finished the project early and on budget!

Eider and his team truly love what they do, it comes across in every aspect of doing business with de Mello Design.

I would definitely use his services again.

Erik K.
Eider de Mello has assisted my business with two projects- one repair of an older splash pond (not his creation), and helping us develop a new splash pond based on our ideas and collaboration. In both instances, Eider has been a pleasure to work with. He is constantly mindful of the project’s budget, and he shows up to work every day with a smile. Once the projects were completed, he checked in frequently in the following months, just to make sure things were still running smoothly. Eider is a very talented, positive professional, with infectious enthusiasm. I would recommend him to anyone needing his skill set.
Kim Granche, Camp Run-a-Mutt

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